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Project Description

Romantic Gayaways

Take that someone special somewhere very special – romantic gay weekends.

We can arrange for you tailor made romantic gay weekends in pristine environments where the only people you will see is yourselves and perhaps the odd ‘roo. All of our locations are situated along the pristine NSW south coastline and National Parks. All of our partners are LGBTQ friendly and travelling with us is completely safe and welcoming. Some of the activities we organise include:

  • Picnics by a waterfall
  • Picnics by the sea
  • Sunset or sunrise horse riding
  • Campervan hire decked out with everything you will need for the weekend
  • Pet friendly Gayaways in charming accommodation or private campsites on bushland or beach settings

… and the list goes on. There are No Limits at Camp Tours!! Plan your romantic gay weekend now!

Belize Waterfall Picnic - Romantic Gay Weekends
Campervan - Romantic Gay Weekends
Romantic Gay Weekends
Valley - Romantic Gay Weekends
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