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Project Description


The Great Gay Tour

Jim Jarmusch went…
So did John Malkovich…
They and many others loved it and so will you!

A trip to Greece can be life changing! Beyond the archaeological sites and museums which are undoubtedly of great beauty and significance, the traveller has the opportunity to enjoy everyday life. See the big bustling cities as well as the smaller villages and towns where traditional Greek hospitality is alive and well and goes a long way in defining Greek character. There is an educational component as well to the Alexander The Great Gay Tour. It is not just lying around on Greek beaches, but also brings ancient Greek history and it’s myths to life from a ‘gay’ perspective. These myths are illustrated in the book Lovers’ Legends- The Gay Greek Myths by Andrew Callimach.

We are great at bringing these myths to life! This tour is unique to Camp Tours and it combines the best of everything LGBTQ!

We include:

  • Hotels and Breakfast.
  • Private bus for the duration of the trip.
  • Licensed guide / Tour leader throughout.
  • All Museum entrance fees as mentioned in the program.
  • One other group meal per day (Lunch or Dinner).
  • Mountain Guides for the Mt Olympus trek.
  • Entrance fee for the Thessaloniki Harbour Cruise.

$4999 AUD whole package per person.

Using the capital city of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, as our base, we will visit the two ancient capitals of the Macedonians, Vergina and ancient Pella both boasting interesting sites and museums, as well as the religious centre of the Macedonians, Dion, located at the foothills of Mt. Olympus, home of the gods! Also, we will travel to Philippi and the archaeological site and theatre and of course, Thessaloniki, with its many museums and monuments which tie it to its long and glorious past!


5-6 days

Day 1

  • Arrival at Thessaloniki Airport.
  • Transfer by our tourist guide to the hotel.
  • Orientation and city tour of Thessaloniki, city of our hearts here at Camp Tours with The Rotonda, the Triumphal arch and the Galerian palace and the walls Including the capital. The city of Thessaloniki Greece was founded in 315 BC by king Cassander of Macedonia. It got its name from Thessaloniki, wife of Cassander and half-sister of Alexander the Great, who, in turn, was named like that after her father, king Phillip II of Macedonia, to commemorate his victory over the Phocians with the help of Thessalian horsemen. Thessaloniki, in greek, actually means the “victory of the Thessalians”.
  • Dinner at a local taverna.
  • Overnight stay in Thessaloniki.

Day 2

  • Visit Ancient Aigai, present-day Vergina, and the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom with the spectacular intact grave of Phillip the II, Alexander the Great’s father.
  • We continue to Verea for a walking tour and then lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Overnight stay in Thessaloniki.

Day 3

  • Visit ancient Pella site and museum, the second capital of ancient Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander.
  • Return to Thessaloniki for an afternoon boat tour in the Thermaikos gulf.
  • Overnight stay in Thessaloniki.

Day 4

  • Visit the Ancient Dion site and Museum – Dion was the ancient Macedonian religious centre.
  • We continue to the town of Litochoro and light hiking on Mt. Olympus, The Mountain of the Gods.
  • We have a beautiful traditional dinner at a local tavern.
  • Stay overnight in Litochoro.

Day 5

  • Visit Amphipolis Lion and museum- Amphipolis was the most cosmopolitan ancient city of Macedonia a mecca for beautiful men from all over the civilised world.
  • Tour Ancient Philippi – The city is fascinating with the Roman Agora and the Ancient theatre.
  • See Kavala, the second most populated city in the region and a beautiful port town.
  • We have dinner at our award winning hotel with spectacular panoramic views.
  • Stay overnight in the township of Kavala.

Day 6

  • Visit the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki and the Roman Agora.
  • We rest for coffee at a balcony overlooking the domes of a Turkish hammam.
  • We have dinner at a local Tavern.
  • Stay overnight in Thessaloniki where you are shown the night life not many other tourists get to see. It’s Greek Party time!!

Day 7

  • Transfer back to Thessaloniki Airport.
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