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About Us

We are all part of a unique team that specialises in LGBTQ Tours and Group travel experiences in Greece and on the pristine NSW South Coast Region. We offer unique outdoor adventures for anyone who loves group travel, local culture and all weather activities such as hiking, sailing and camping.

Yes, we’re a newly established company, but we bring over thirty years combined experience in the field of travel and customer service excellence. Our expert team of professionals span the oceans from Australia to Europe and includes knowledgeable guides and tour leaders who bring their individual talents and skills to play in creating, organising and executing personalised travel programs throughout.

We are dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality thematic tours; and above all ones that are affordable and worry-free. Each itinerary can be tailored to any specification, and are always designed to include LGBTQ safe and comfortable accommodations, transportation, professional tour guides and escorts. We take PRIDE in providing personal assistance and understanding throughout every step of your journey.

Meet the Team

Maria Mitzikis


Maria is the drive behind Camp Tours but without the experts around her Camp Tours could not exist. She left her career in cooking and nutrition to pursue and share her love of the outdoors. Being Greek Australian, it was only logical that she show case her two most beloved places on the planet – Greece and Australia! “There’s nothing like being out at night under the stars or around a fire. It brings people together from all walks of life. It calms the soul and feeds the mind and heart. Nature is there for everyone no matter where in the world you find your unique Self!”

Paul Dickson

Tour Guide Australia

Known for his colourful personality and love of ecology, Paul is the first to admit that he’s more at home in the bush than he is in his own house. Nature-lover and conservationist, Paul says that the key to connection is about sharing your passion for nature with others. When you can give people experiences of connection in places of natural wonder, it changes the way they see themselves in amongst these magnificent places in a permanent and tangible way. It was an eye-opening experience for Paul to learn that many of the kids he came across at school camps had never been bushwalking before in their lives. It was a foreign place to them. Paul, on the other hand, had spent most of his spare time out in nature. Being able to give people a life changing experience through his own love of the outdoors is what drives him to share his knowledge. As he spent more and more time in National Parks he became fascinated with the ecology and the protection of these places of wild beauty. It has been said that a weekend spent with Paul in the forest can be life changing.

Constandinos Sfikas

Tour Guide Greece

Following a lifelong desire to combine his love of history and mythology as well as his desire to educate and entertain, Costas left the world of banking in 2000 and entered the state school in Greece for tourist guides, a three year demanding program and became not only a guide, but also a professor at that same school. Costandinos has guided countless tours to every corner of Greece, not to mention many VIP Hollywood celebrities, among them John Malkovitch, Waris Dirie and Oliver Stone, Morgan Freeman, Alexander Payne, David Strathairn, Chris Cooper, Jim Jarmusch and Hanna Schygulla. No one knows Greece like Costas does, his energy and enthusiasm are infectious!